Growing Mushrooms in Texas

Our 4-part Saturday Series on the Farm



Growing Mushrooms in Texas: A Bioregional Aproach to Mushroom Farming

Taxonomy – Nutrition – Medicinal Mushrooms – Mushroom Extracts – Formulating Substrates – Hositic Mushroom Cultivation – Foraging – Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation – Indoor Fruiting – Laboratory Design and Techniques – Running Wild Mycelium  

This is a 4-part Saturday series hosted by Megan and Adam on their commercial specialty mushroom farm in Wimberley, Texas, Fallen Oak Mushrooms. This course will include a lecture portion as well as hands-on demonstration. One-day passes are available.

Austin natives, Megan and Adam have been growing mushrooms in Central Texas since 2013. They began growing by following the research of pioneers in the field like Paul Stamets, but quickly learned the shorfalls of trying to cultivate mushrooms solely based on what works in the Pacific Northwest. This class is a culmination of their knowledge gained from experience building a small scale commercial mushroom farm in our challenging climate. 

Structure and Dates:


  • Part One: Saturday, March 11th 2017
    • Lecture/Demo: The structure and taxonomy of fungi, the nutritional and therapeutic merits of mushrooms, cooking mushrooms and making extracts
    • Hands-on: Mixing substrates for myco-bag method of production, sourcing materials, proper harvesting techniques and storage parameters
  • Part Two: Saturday, March 25th 2017
    • Lecture/Demo: The role of mushrooms on a holistic farm, a bioregional approach to growing mushrooms, how to safely hunt for wild edible mushrooms
    • Hands-on: methods for seasonal outdoor growing in Texas: logs, totems and wood chip beds; mushroom compost
  •  Part Three: Saturday, April 1st 2017
    • Lecture/Demo: types of fruiting rooms for indoor, climate controlled growing; how to build a fruiting room; calculating biological efficiency
    • Hands-on: Introducing myco-bags to the fruiting room, setting climate parameters in your room by species, pest control
  • Part Four: Saturday, April 22nd 2017
    • All about working in the farm laboratory and acquiring and using mushroom cultures- hands-on, lecture, and demos

Class Times: 9am-noon (lunch) 1pm-4pm

Cost: $450 total, with a $50 non-refundable (unless we cancel class) deposit due to reserve your spot ($400 + $50 deposit)

One day passes are $125, down payment included.

We will cap the class at 20 students and it will require 5 students to make

Backyard Mushroom Cultivation

A 3 Hour Course on Growing Mushrooms at Home

Hosted in Austin, Texas




Learn the theory and practice of growing mushrooms in your backyard! We’ll start with easy projects like log and totem culture, and work our way back to more nuanced skills like home lab work and small scale fruiting rooms. This class will include lectures and demo.

Taught by Megan McFarland and Adam Vicknair, owner-farmers of Fallen Oak Mushrooms, a specialty mushroom farm in Wimberley, Texas. Will require 5 participants to make.

Date: Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Time: 1pm-4pm

Location: East Austin, Texas (private location)