Fallen Oak Mushrooms is a specialty mushroom farm located in Wimberley, Texas. We cater to the greater Central Texas area to whom we supply a rotating variety of Oyster Mushroom species along with seasonal crops of rare gourmet cultivars. We pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our fungi and strive to offer the highest quality gourmet mushrooms cultivated anywhere.

We nurse our harvest from infinitesimal spores, to radiating mycelium, to the bounty of exquisite mushrooms we hand deliver to our markets and restaurant patrons. They are grown on organic, food-grade rye, and then on locally sourced untreated hardwood sawdust and spent coffee grounds. We use the “mycobag” method of production, an industry standard for growing quality mushrooms indoors, which allows us to grow and harvest fruit all year around. At the end of their life cycle, our spent bags of mycelium are composted and made available to gardeners and farmers. Through this process we transform 400 pounds of commercial waste into about 100 pounds of gourmet food and 2 volumetric yards of life sustaining compost each week. We also provide community education through our seasonal internship program, ever expanding the Central Texas mycelial network. 

We are Adam Vicknair and Megan McFarland: husband-and-wife, native Austinites, homesteading enthusiasts, foodies, foragers, herbalists, brewers and mycophiles. We began Fallen Oak Mushrooms in the suburbs of central Austin during the summer of 2014. Mycoremediation, medicinal mushrooms and our experience working in the local foods community around Austin inspired the farm. Though we began growing in two spare storage sheds in our urban backyard, the demand for our mushrooms quickly outgrew capacity. In 2015 we took a chance on a 4 acre property just west of Wimberley, on which we continue to build our growing operation. 

As of Fall 2016, we have 576 square feet of fully climate controlled grow space from which we harvest an average of 100 pounds of mushrooms per week. Our culture bank includes about 25 species and reflects our efforts to collect not only choice gourmet and medicinal varieties but also native regional species, warm weather adapted varieties, and any and all fungi strange yet edible. We look forward to cultivating a dynamic small farm in the coming years centered around our lovely mushrooms. Our deepest gratitude to the loyal chefs and fellow foodies who continue to support this dream.